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        You’re getting married ? Congrats !

        A wedding day is full of emotion, of smiles and tears, with the people you love. And it’s what we have to capture as a wedding photographer, being part of the moment, discreetly.

        That’s why you need to know more about the person you’d like to work with !

        So please, let me introduce myself. My name is Anne-Sophie, and as you can read, I’m French :). I live in France, in the southwest area, between Bordeaux and its burgundy vineyards, and Biarritz, where surf and waves are crazy !

        I love the alchemy which get out of two people in love, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, looking for the delightful everywhere.

        I’m quite a little rock n roll geek, listening some old vinyls, and watching American TV show on my laptop. I miss Mexico, the country of my heart, and the real mexican food : tamales on the one hand, and a corona in the other, that’s my paradise. But, most of all, I’m a proud mother, in love with her daughter, Ela. My life. My love. My lovelife !

        For me, being a wedding photographer is not only being engaged to take pictures. I’ll also provide you a listening, advices, to become the storyteller of this amazing day in your life.

        Of course, my services include also photos ! On the D-day, my approach is to provide you the best photo-documentary of the day with all it includes, finalized by a clear and optimal post-production.

        My website is in French, but pictures are universals ! Feel free to have a peek in the BEST OF section to see ones of my major images (and the awarded ones !), and in the BLOG to complete your vision on my recent weddings !

        And if you have any questions, please, contact me !